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Explaining TasteDNA to a 5 year old

We’re using an app to help people try new food. The old way was that they’d be afraid to try food they haven’t eaten before and then they wouldn’t know if they like it or not, so we are trying to help them by showing them what other people like and how often.

We’re trying to make it easier for people to find food they like, by asking questions and then helping them find new food they like.

It’s hard to find new foods that you’ll like. TasteDNA helps you by asking you questions about your food and then finding foods that are like yours. We’re helping people discover new meals they will like.

Did you know you can have your own taste profile? People who like the same food will like each other’s food too. It’s good to try new foods, and it can help you find friends.

People have different tastes in food. TasteDNA helps people find foods that they will like based on the foods they already like.

There are a lot of different foods in the world. There are many kinds of food from different places. With our app, you can discover and try new foods that you wouldn’t have before.

Some people love trying new things, but it’s hard for them to find new things because they only like to eat familiar food. We’re helping them by recommending new things for them to try.

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