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TasteDNA at Taste of Alpharetta: Making Your Food Festival Experience Better

We’re excited to bring TasteDNA’s Food Navigator Tool to this year’s Taste of Alpharetta, offering a new way to enjoy the festival with a personalized touch. Here’s how we’re changing the game for the over 60,000 food lovers attending.

Taste of Aplharetta: About The Event

The Taste of Alpharetta is a major culinary event, established in 1991 in Alpharetta, Georgia. Drawing over 60,000 visitors, it features more than 60 local restaurants and has become one of the South’s most popular food festivals. Attendees can enjoy a variety of tasting portions, live concerts, art exhibits, and culinary competitions, making it a highlight for food lovers and a significant celebration of the community’s vibrant culture.

Easy and Personalized Food Choices

Imagine walking into the festival and knowing right away which foods fit your diet and tastes. That’s what TasteDNA Food Navigator Tool does. Just tell the app what you like or need to avoid, and it shows you where to find food you’ll love. It’s that simple!

Connect with Restaurants

The Food Navigator Tool is more than just about finding great food at the festival. It helps you connect with local restaurants during the event and keep in touch with them afterward. You can discover new places to eat and get special offers, all through the app.

First Time Using This Tech at the Festival

This is the first time the technology like ours will be deployed at an event to help people choose their food. Our app doesn’t just make things easier for you—it also gathers information about what foods are popular and what people prefer. This helps make future events even better.

Join the Food Community

Our Food Feed feature lets you see what others are enjoying and share your own finds. You can post pictures, write reviews, and talk about your favorite dishes. It’s a fun way to be part of a community of fellow food lovers.

Expanding to New Places

After Taste of Alpharetta, we’re bringing our Food Navigator Tool to more exciting locations, including food halls like Politan Row and airports starting with ATL Airport. Each new place helps us improve our service, making every meal experience a great one.

What to Look Forward To

As TasteDNA debuts at Taste of Alpharetta, we’re not just excited to show you a new way to pick your food. We’re also looking forward to making every eating experience personalized, whether you’re at a busy festival or catching a flight.

Join us at Taste of Alpharetta to see how TasteDNA can make your visit even better. It’s more than just eating—it’s about finding the perfect meal for you.

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