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TasteDNA’s crowdfunding campaign is now LIVE!

Are you tired of trying to find the perfect meal at new restaurants? Look no further! TasteDNA is here to revolutionize the way you explore food. As the first and only food recommendation app that tailors its suggestions to your unique taste preferences, TasteDNA is bound to become your go-to guide for discovering mouthwatering dishes you’re guaranteed to love.


Meet the Founders

Muyiwa and Oyin Familoni, the passionate duo behind TasteDNA, have traveled to over 65 cities across 25 countries, immersing themselves in local cuisines and cultures. Drawing inspiration from their culinary adventures and love for people, food, and travel, they founded TasteDNA to help users break free from their culinary comfort zones and explore new, exciting flavors from around the world.


The Problem and Our Solution

While food delivery apps have become increasingly popular, many people still limit their food experiences to familiar dishes. TasteDNA aims to change that by providing accurate food recommendations based on users’ unique taste profiles. Analyzing past food choices and preferences, the app suggests new restaurants and dishes that are tailored to individual tastes, allowing users to trust that their recommendations are personalized and reliable.


How TasteDNA Works

TasteDNA is designed to take you on a diverse and delicious taste adventure, exposing you to meals you will love, both within and outside your familiar cuisines. By challenging your taste buds and introducing you to new and exciting flavors from all over the world, the app opens up a whole new world of culinary possibilities, perfect for anyone looking to explore global cuisine without worrying about dietary restrictions.


Revenue Streams

TasteDNA generates income through multiple revenue streams, including premium advertising, affiliate links, APIs, and data licensing. By partnering with food brands and restaurants for advertising, providing affiliate links for online food retailers and delivery services, and offering APIs to access extensive food preference data, TasteDNA can monetize its platform while providing value to its users and business partners.


Invest in TasteDNA Today!

By investing in TasteDNA, you’ll become a crucial part of our culinary journey to showcase unique and underappreciated food and enhance the diversity of culinary experiences. We value your consideration and are excited about the opportunity to partner with you to bring TasteDNA to life. Join the TasteDNA community today and embark on a flavorful adventure like never before!


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