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Unleash Your Taste Buds with TasteDNA: A Culinary Adventure and Unique Investment Opportunity



Imagine a world where the perfect meal is just a tap away! Introducing TasteDNA, an innovative new app that provides personalized food recommendations you are guaranteed to enjoy, based on your unique taste preferences. This brainchild of Muyiwa and Oyin Familoni, tech-savvy foodies with a flair for travel, combines their love for global cuisines with their solid expertise in engineering, tech and marketing.


To illustrate how TasteDNA works, let’s take the example of an acai bowl, a popular vegetarian dish in the US. If you’re a fan of this fruity, nutritious meal, TasteDNA would analyze your taste profile and could suggest a comparable dish from a foreign cuisine – such as the traditional Thai dessert, mango sticky rice. While the ingredients are different, both dishes are sweet, fruit-based, and often garnished with a range of flavorful toppings, making the Thai dessert a potentially delightful discovery for an acai bowl enthusiast.


The Familonis, having savored street food and fine dining in over 65 cities across 25 countries, have captured their passion for diverse flavors and cultures in TasteDNA. This app invites food lovers to step outside their culinary comfort zones and embark on a taste adventure spanning the globe. The TasteDNA app launched in May 2023, with the aim of growing to 10,000 users by the first quarter of 2024.


TasteDNA’s value proposition is not only its unique food recommendation technology but also its potential as an investment opportunity. The company is raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder, offering a promising opportunity for potential investors. Their resilient business model includes multiple revenue streams such as premium advertising, affiliate links, APIs, and data licensing. This diversity is key to TasteDNA’s ability to withstand economic downturns, making it a robust and promising venture for investors.


Moreover, the company has a solid market validation, with 85% of people expressing interest in a personalized food recommendation app and 95% eager to explore new flavors and cuisines.


The founders’ passion for food and technology, commitment to make the exploration of taste more accessible to everyone, coupled with their innovative solution to personalized food experiences, makes TasteDNA an exciting investment opportunity. Not only does it stand to revolutionize the way we discover and enjoy food, but it also presents a unique proposition for investors looking to support a business that stands at the intersection of technology, trends data, and the ever-evolving food industry.


Visit the company’s website at For press inquiries or additional information, contact TasteDNA at [email protected].


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