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Eating together is a love language

“I’ll eat with you,” I told my wife, as a way to be nice after we missed out on doing something else together. This phrase got me thinking: What are the different forms of expressing love with food, and how does sharing a flavor experience add depth to romantic relationships?


My wife and I have traveled to over 35 countries worldwide and eaten in over 1000 street and fine-dining restaurants. It’s fun to share the same tastes in food with someone you like, but the real thrill is discovering new flavors together by trying something outside your comfort zone. 


For our date night every Thursday we have a system for choosing restaurants for our date night every Thursday. One of us explores the options available in the suburbs where we live and out to the city of Atlanta. Based on what food items we individually & mutually enjoy, we look through the options manually and make an informed decision. Then we try it—and most times, we like it! It doesn’t matter what kind of food or if it’s a place we’ve been. We have become experts in taking the uncertainty out of trying new things we enjoy together.


We are building a platform that understands your taste preferences and makes accurate food recommendations based on your “Taste Profile”.


That’s one of the primary reasons we created TasteDNA. We are building a platform that understands your taste preferences and makes accurate food recommendations based on your “Taste Profile”. We are removing barriers to trying new things and creating a community of adventurous food enthusiasts.


It’s important to remember that our taste buds have evolved over millions of years to help guide our food choices. In earlier times, choosing the wrong food could mean wasting energy, malnutrition, or poisoning by eating something that could harm your body. Hence, we learn early to restrict what we enjoy eating to a select list of items we are familiar with. 


With all the information and unprecedented access to so many diverse food types driven by the growing popularity of food delivery apps, it’s the ideal time to see past barriers and a taste adventure.


TasteDNA is an app that showcases the unique relationship each person has with food. A crowdsourced food preference database, TasteDNA aggregates the tastes and preferences of its users to illuminate how their experiences shape their attitudes toward different foods and exposes them to a whole new world of flavor within reach.


TasteDNA is a platform for individuals, couples, and “foodie” groups to experiment with new restaurants and create delicious moments. No one is disappointed if everyone likes the experience, yet no one has to worry about making a mistake. TasteDNA ensures that all your taste adventures will be pleasurable by presenting you with food items you don’t know you love—yet.

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