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Why Scout for Interstellar Cuisines When We Have a Universe of Flavors Right Here?

As we gear up for a future among the stars, culinary scientists have been hard at work creating dishes designed for deep-space life, as seen in the recent CNN article about the deep space culinary lab​​. But here’s a fun thought to chew on: imagine an extraterrestrial life form visiting Earth. Would they bring their own vacuum-sealed, dehydrated space food, or would they be adventurous enough to take a bite out of our earthly gastronomy? After all, we have a pretty diverse menu to offer here on our home planet!


While we’re still figuring out how to ship sushi to Saturn, isn’t it a bit crazy that we’re still discovering the limitless flavours right here on our home planet? Our world is a treasure trove of tantalizing tastes and culinary cultures, much of which remain undiscovered by most of us due to barriers of tradition, geography, and even language. But what if we could break down those barriers?

Enter TasteDNA, the first and only food recommendations app based on unique taste preferences.

TasteDNA is your personal food guide, providing unique food recommendations based on your individual taste preferences. Imagine being able to explore the hidden gems of global cuisine, right from your smartphone. From the fragrant spices of Moroccan tagine to the intriguing complexity of Korean bibimbap, TasteDNA is about taking you on a delicious adventure, both within and beyond familiar cuisines​​.


By analyzing your past favorites, we recommend exciting new dishes from diverse cuisines right in your neighborhood.


The way it works is simple: TasteDNA learns from your past food choices and preferences, and then it offers new dish recommendations tailor-made to your palate, right in your neighborhood. The more you interact with the app, the more it refines your taste profile, serving up recommendations that are as unique as you are​​. It ensures your dietary restrictions are catered for, which means no surprises, just a world of flavours waiting to be explored​.


But it’s not just about receiving—it’s also about sharing. TasteDNA is a vibrant community where you can share your food experiences, thoughts, and discoveries. Whether you’re enjoying a unique meal or spotting a new food trend, you can share it with fellow food enthusiasts on the app​​.


So, before we start packing our pantry for an interplanetary picnic, let’s take a moment to fully explore and appreciate the diverse and delicious meals available right here on Earth. After all, there’s still so much to taste, savor, enjoy and  share.


Ready to embark on a culinary adventure without leaving your home? Take a leap and download the TasteDNA app today! Find it here: TasteDNA Download. Let’s savor our way through the world, one dish at a time. Bon Appétit, Earthlings!

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